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Avg. response increase with TV added to newspaper campaign
Angry Birds players who feel joy while playing
Growth in outdoor advertising 2003-2012
Americans age 30-49 who use social media
Forecast growth of mobile advertising 2011 - 2016
Customers who leave a store to buy online because price was better

Why Work With Us

The Importance of Brand Development

Branding is a critical long-term investment. It aids your target customer in easily identifying who you are and what you do. It also makes it easier for them to promote you organically in person or via the web.

According to the American Marketing Association, a brand is a “name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s product distinct from those of other sellers”. Our team will work with you toward the goal of brand development by utilizing a multi-tool approach including research, media, design, and event management. We help define who you are, what you offer, and how to project those core ideas to your target audience.

Branding can apply to a company or a product. Our brand development strategy, developed in partnership with you, can help you gain market share and increase revenue.

As our client, the Arkside team can provide you with a comprehensive brand development strategy including brand identity package, schedules, cost analysis, ROI tracking methodology, and design concepts.

  • Goal definition
  • Market research
  • Brand identity package
  • Multimedia integration
  • Short-term and long-term ROI focus
  • Product development
  • Budget management
  • Result auditing

To learn more about branding and how your brand could be enhanced or better protected, contact us for a FREE consultation.

Digital marketing across all internet platforms

Few advertising categories are as broad or far reaching as digital. Utilize the dynamic power of the internet via your website, search engines, display advertising, social media, retargeting, reputation management, affiliate advertising, and native content.

For nearly every company in existence today, websites are the information hub for employees, customers, and prospects. The content is under your control and can be presented with incredible effect. Arkside offers top-of-the-line website developers with programming, graphic design, and SEO capabilities. We want to ensure that your most visible tool is your most powerful.

No other media offers the dynamic targeting capability of digital. Through all of the media listed above and many more including behavioral targeting, you are able to locate and deliver high quality visual and audio advertising to as large or small a demographic as you wish.

Put our digital dashboard to work! We offer you private access to the results of your online efforts. View SEO auditing, PPC campaign results, and competitor analysis. Stay abreast of your social media efforts with live results and user interaction.

Arkside Marketing works to ensure that the various pieces of your digital tactics are cohesively deployed across the appropriate media and synchronized with your offline advertising.

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Search engine marketing (SEM/PPC)
  • Social media platforms
  • Website development
  • Website auditing
  • Social media management
  • Reputation management

Arkside offers FREE consultations if you would like to ask questions about digital marketing pertaining to your organization.

Logos on Promo Items and Apparel

Make a lasting impression with something a customer can literally take home with them. A creative promotional item can be memorable, beautiful, functional, or just fun. It is also a tool for brand recall and top of mind awareness. And a staff wearing proper apparel offers the right message from your team as they interact with the public.

Stress balls, polo shirts, note pads, gym equipment…the list is more than 300,000 items long. We will put our extensive vendor list to work for your benefit and find the right item at the right price. For you.

Choose from our promotional product and apparel selection to find the right item for your needs. You can also select gifts for clients or employees and merchandise for your gift shop. The possibilities are nearly endless.

  • Trade show giveaways
  • Client gifts
  • Employee gifts
  • Corporate apparel
  • Gift shop merchandise
  • Branding tools
  • Awards

FREE consultations are available to learn more about how apparel or promotional items could become part of your marketing efforts.

The Powerhouses of Television and Radio

Even amidst the pop culture dominance of the internet, broadcast media still commands the largest share of the advertising pie nationwide. Put the audio and visual media to work for you as your company earns larger market share, stronger branding, and increased sales.

Not only are radio and television the main media for advertising today, they are continually developing new ways to reach their audience. The SyFy cable network has launched a new show that combines interactions on a video game with the plot of a series show. Radio stations are supplementing on-air campaigns with digital media to provide on-air and on-screen promotions to those who stream the station through their computer.

Multiple studies have shown that combining radio and television can help advertisers reach audiences not achievable with only one medium or the other. The Arkside media planning experts can help you obtain a reach and frequency maximizing the ROI on your advertising investment.

  • Broadcast television
  • Cable television
  • On-demand television
  • TV/web integration
  • Local, network, and national radio
  • On-air endorsements
  • Long-form programming
  • Multi-language programming

Contact the Arkside team for a FREE consultation about television and radio advertising as part of your media mix.

Effective Print Advertising

Print publications such as newspapers and magazines remain one of the most trusted news sources in America. Associate your brand with authoritative presentations and enhance the credibility of your advertising.

Allow our talented team of designers to blow out the creative possibilities and simplicity of beautiful and effective print advertising campaign. Elegant colors in a luxury magazine or the political edge of a newspaper A-section. Reach consumers in their homes with direct mail. Dispatch thousands of informative flyers to a packed sidewalk of pedestrians. All of these printed options and everything between are at your disposal.

  • Newspapers
  • Demographically targeted magazines
  • Event, product, or company flyers
  • Direct mail
  • Point-of-sale materials
  • Indoor or outdoor banners
  • Catalogs
  • Brochures

Print advertising can be helpful to your media mix and we offer FREE consultations if you would like to learn more.

Out-of-Home Outdoor Advertising

Connect with your audience in a direct and effective way. Billboards found on freeways and streets, transit options such as benches and shelters, and mobile fleets like semi-trucks, buses, and mobile billboards are all available for the right message. The incorporation of outdoor advertising can lift brand recall by as much as 29%. Our team will help you employ outdoor media in a cost-effective manner.

More and more Americans are driving farther and farther in their daily lives. They’re not reading newspapers or watching TV during these commutes but they are exposed to the vivid colors and creative displays of outdoor advertising.

We’ll help you navigate the new display technologies and new audience ratings tools to maximize your impact in a cost-efficient manner.

  • Billboards
  • Transit (bus, train, subway, cab)
  • Street level (shelters, benches, lightpoles)
  • TV/web integration
  • Shopping centers
  • Sport/entertainment venues

For additional questions or information about outdoor advertising, contact us for a FREE consultation.

Positive Public Relations and Event Marketing

Promote your events and charitable activities with effective public relations. They can help you achieve recognition and positive goodwill in ways unachievable via paid advertising. These efforts can lay a solid foundation for positive outcomes in the event of crisis management or community backlash.

Our management team is experienced in a wide variety of media and other business industries. These relationships are put to work for you as we build positive networks in which to disseminate your news or create new opportunities for media coverage of your company.

  • Press release writing and distribution
  • Media relationships
  • Interview opportunities
  • Non-profit partnerships
  • Charitable giving recommendations
  • Business networking development

FREE consultations are available if you still have questions about how to incorporate events and public relations in to your advertising plans.

Market Research and Analysis

You and your company exist to solve a problem. People need your widgets in their lives or your services complete a task they can’t do alone. Regardless of the need being met, you will achieve greater success when you know what that need is, what the customer thinks about it, and where they go to seek solutions.

Market studies and customer profiles allow you to understand those basics and grow your business. Before you can meet the needs of a market you must understand it. Invest wisely in marketing research and discover the hidden opportunities and pitfalls that could befall a less-prepared competitor.

Effective and accurate market research, competitor analysis, and a combination of qualitative and quantitative data will help you reduce budget waste, target the proper demographics, and maximize the ROI on your advertising investment.

  • Focus groups
  • Customer profiles
  • Market research
  • Taste tests
  • A/B comparisons
  • Competitor analysis
  • Industry analysis

For more information about your market and understanding how to reach it, contact the Arkside team for a FREE consultation.

Photography and Videography

Commercials, corporate videos, product photography, and modeling photo shoots are part of the services offered at Arkside. The best media buy will be wasted if your ads are poor quality. Our team offers the latest in photo and video technology to ensure the highest levels of presentation.

  • Short- and long-form production
  • Editing
  • Media distribution
  • Presentation development
  • Talent coordination
  • Location scouting

Contact us for a FREE consultation or quote on photography or video services offered by our team.