LGBT Employment Equality

by Nathan Greenberg, CEO

As someone with more than 20 years of marketing experience, I have enjoyed the value of difference. Perspective, action, appearance…these and other elements of the creative process can drive ingenious breakthrough. So what sense does it make to fill a room with people who are similar? It is important to represent the people you want to reach. The storytelling of marketing needs to understand its audience. And according to a recent Gallup poll, more than 5% of Americans today identify as something other than “straight” or “heterosexual”. So why are their voices so often ignored or prohibited in everything from brainstorms to Boardrooms? That doesn’t happen here.

The celebration of Pride began after the Stonewall Riots which was a response to police harassment of gay Americans in New York City. The gay community has been demonized (literally) by religious institutions, political figures, governments, corporations, and non-profits. But in recent decades, our LGBT friends and family have shown courage to share their experience with the world. They’ve been empowered and encouraged to tell their stories and fight (literally) to obtain the equal rights they deserve. Here at Arkside, we stand with them.

It wasn’t until 2014 that a Fortune 500 company had the first openly gay CEO. LGBT voices have been -and continue to be- marginalized in the professional world. Comments such as, “She may be a woman, but she looks like a man” and “What could a fag know about sports?” have been used to keep knowledgeable, professional, driven individuals out of roles they richly deserved. They have limited the voices at a table that begs to hear their input. The inherent worth of diversity has been ignored.

At Arkside, we want to hear from the kaleidoscope of life. LGBT people are welcome, as equally as every race, culture, language, gender, and handicap. You will never face discrimination or judgement in hiring or employment. You have allies in this office. It starts with the CEO – me.

Feel comfortable when you apply here.
Feel empowered when you work here.
Feel pride when you create here.
Feel safe when you talk here.

Our conference table has plenty of room for your chair.

Have a happy and safe Pride Month 2021.

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