Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor AdvertisingAmerica is a nation of drivers. They are “on the go”. Work, errands, and family gatherings put people in a vehicle to get from Point A to Point B. This collection of drivers and passengers because an audience that is receptive your message. At those moments they are not reachable via television or newspapers. Outdoor advertising gives you a huge presentation space with minimal cost per person.

What is Outdoor Advertising?

Outdoor (or “out-of-home”) advertising is made up of four broad categories:

  • Billboards – Large displays on streets or freeways
  • Transit – Common examples include buses, taxis, mobile billboard trucks, bicycles, airplane materials, or subways.
  • Venue – Any captive audience enclosure such as a stadium, gas stations, rest areas, bike racks, or school campuses.
  • Street furniture – bus shelters, benches, newspaper racks, or mall displays.

Outdoor Advertising is Affordable

This is especially true if the goal of your campaign is to reach as many people as possible. Outdoor advertising has maintained one of the lowest costs in all of marketing when measured against how many thousands of people are seeing the ads. This is called “cost-per-thousand” or CPM. The only media that comes close to such low costs is radio.

Fun trivia: the abbreviation “CPM” is derived from the phrase “cost per mille” because “mille” means “thousand” in Latin.

Can Outdoor Advertising Help My Other Media?

Absolutely! Whether you are using billboards, transit, street furniture, or venue advertising, there are multiple studies showing that out-of-home efforts can improve:

  • Sales
  • Retention (how long it a campaign is remembered)
  • Cost-efficiency

Many clients report that sales increase percentage of more than double when they include a high percentage of outdoor advertising in their overall campaign.  This is partially attributable to the longer amount of time consumers remember advertisements when they see them going about their daily lives. Creative advertising always lingers because it reaches people emotionally and can stimulate conversations with family and friends. On the freeway or in a concert venue is a great opportunity for interruption and potentially altering a pending purchasing decision. Both of those elements help billboards and other out-of-home media lower the overall ad campaign expense and provide a substantially positive return on investment.

How We Can Help your Outdoor Advertising

Put our creative efforts to work developing a unique, appealing, and effective outdoor campaign for you. Oversized graphics, interesting placement, and thousands of eyeballs. We will analyze locations, costs, and copywriting to ensure you achieve success. One benefit of a full-service ad agency is that you know your outdoor campaign will be integrated with your other media so your message is cohesive and memorable.

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