5 Tips for a Successful Business Card

Business cards are still an effective and convenient method for distributing your contact information. Ignore the small chorus of nay-sayers who ponder the question, “is the business card dead?” A business card is a valuable and inexpensive investment. Here are 5 tips to make your business card effective:

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Its a good idea, but that’s not really number one. Here we go…

1. Make Your Business Card Easy to Read

Simple form over function. It doesn’t matter how beautiful your business card is if no one can read it. Even if you are an artist or graphic designer. Don’t let a creative flair overtake the reason you have a business card…so people can contact you! There are plenty of ways to incorporate beautiful, colorful, extravagant designs and still have easy-to-read information.

2. Use Both Sides of Your Business Card

2″ high by 3.5″ wide.
Two sides.
That gives you 14 square inches of space to work with. Don’t let it go to waste. When clients come to us for brand development, we often find a misuse of space in their business cards, letterhead, envelopes, and websites. Your business card can communicate a lot of information including:


Logo Name Title
Company Address Phone
Fax Email Social media
Company Slogan Specialties Awards
Images Certifications Degrees
License number(s) Special prices Discount offers
Famous quote Appointment form Portfolio piece

With all of those possibilities, why would you leave the back of your card blank? Put it to good use. Don’t just copy your logo again in a larger size. Use it as an appointment reminder (many dentists and doctors do this). You could also promote a particular product line, include social media icons/addresses, share your industry recognition award, or give a useful tip that is relevant to your customers.

Don’t forget – if you use a gloss coating on your card, you can’t write on it easily. If you want to write something, keep the back uncoated.

3. Design Business Cards With Your Customer In Mind

Your business card needs to meet and exceed the expectations of the person to whom you give it. If you own a law firm catering to high net worth clients, your business card needs to reflect that. The design should be professional and elegant. Including the colors of your favorite baseball team is not recommended.

Utilize your color palette, fonts, and other brand design elements. This information should be readily available in your branding guidelines.

4. Print Your Business Card on the Right Material

Many years ago, we came across a company that had plastic business cards. They had a custom cut shape, full color, and nearly as thick as a credit card. EACH card was about $1.00. Yes, they spent $500 on every set for employees. They were beautiful, unique, and effective.

They were not cost efficient.

The same unique beauty could have been achieved on a paper stock, even a rarely available stock, for less than $1.00 per card. Use a stock that is appropriate for your customers. A heavy-duty card stock for rough industries such as construction or landscaping. Elegant linen is appropriate for accountants or attorneys. Plastic for…well…no one.

5. Steal Ideas for Your Business Card

The layout and content options for your business card are limitless. But you aren’t going to reinvent the wheel. Someone already did what you want. Best of all, someone already did a part of what you want.

“Good artists copy, great artists steal!” –Pablo Picasso

Start collecting business cards with things you like and want on your own: a great font, a nice placement of a logo, the right size social media icons, whatever.

Now use this opportunity for marketing and networking. Compliment the person who’s card you admire and tell them what you like. They’ll appreciate your kind words and will be more receptive to your card once it is ready.

6. Order your business cards from Arkside. (Just contact our office and we’ll schedule a free consultation.)

If you could change one thing about your current business card, what would it be? Leave a comment below and let’s see what others want to improve.