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Online advertising - Arkside MarketingOnline advertising is one of the most varied and complicated advertising categories available today. It includes a vast amount of media with their own unique combination of challenges and advantages. From search engine optimization to social media management, profitable opportunities exist for every business or individual.

What Is Online Advertising?

For most businesses, a combination of some or all of these will be part of a recipe for success. None of these categories exist in a bubble. We can help you find the right combination of online advertising that is both effective and affordable.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization. SEO.
Google and Yahoo!/Bing are the first search destination for more than 90% of consumers. People want to learn about products, find convenient locations, identify helpful websites, and read reviews from other customers. Search engines are designed to help people find the resources they seek.

Search engine optimization is a long-term strategy of building your organic rank on Google and Yahoo!/Bing. Some of the elements involved include:


“Good website design isn’t about ‘pretty’. It is critical for online success. The search engines care, just like your customers care. You should too.” –Nathan Greenberg

  • Keyword usage
  • Original website content
  • Blogging
  • Internal and external links
  • Site navigation
  • Proper programming


  • Social media links
  • One way backlinks
  • Content sharing
  • Directory submission (and accuracy)

In August 2013, Google completely changed its algorithm (the programming it uses to produce search results) with an update called “Hummingbird”. This hasn’t been done since 2001 and completely changes the way Google sees your site. They say it has made results better because it is analyzing the intent of the user, not just the words they typed in.

Search Engine Land example: “What’s the closest place to buy the iPhone 5s close to my home?” A traditional search engine might focus on finding matches for words — finding a page that says “buy” and “iPhone 5s,” for example.

Hummingbird should better focus on the meaning behind the words. It may better understand the actual location of your home, if you’ve shared that with Google. It might understand that “place” means you want a brick-and-mortar store. It might get that “iPhone 5s” is a particular type of electronic device carried by certain stores. Knowing all these meanings may help Google go beyond just finding pages with matching words.

As we analyzed traffic of our own site for the 30 days pre- and post-Hummingbird, we noticed a 79% increase in Google organic traffic. Contact us if you would like a FREE analysis of your website traffic and how Hummingbird has changed your performance.

Is Social Media Most Important?

Social media is critical for SEO, but not necessarily for “advertising”. It is only most important for your advertising if it works within your strategy. Remember what your mother said, “just because all of your friends jump off a cliff doesn’t mean you should!” For some businesses, search engine optimization may be most important. For others, improving an online reputation is top priority.

Online Advertising Integration

Efficiently integrating these digital media is critical. For example, launching an ad campaign intended to drive prospects to your Facebook Page would be a disaster if that Facebook Page was filled with negative comments. Similarly, if your Facebook Page linked to an incomplete or uninformative website, your first impression will certainly be a bad one.

How Does Online Advertising Help My Company?

According to a landmark study commissioned by Google in 2011, 88% of consumers research their purchases before making them. Those consumers use an average of 10.4 sources in their decision making process. Your website should offer customers and prospects more information than any other source. It is important that you direct people to your website via the online media they are already using: the internet. Online advertising is also important after a purchase. Twenty-four percent of consumers will engage in some sort of review action after purchasing such as mentioning it on Facebook, tweeting about it, or commenting on a review website.

Your customers are researching online before purchasing and commenting online after purchasing. This combination is not possible via any other medium. As Jay Baer states in his 2013 book, Youtility, “To win the zero moment of truth, you have to fight the war of information on home turf.”

How We Can Help your Online Advertising and Marketing

As you work with your Arkside Account Manager, they will help you understand which online advertising methods can benefit your organization most. They will also offer training techniques and programs that will help your staff integrate these digital avenues into their daily routines and processes.

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