Reputation Management team observing a star ratingYou and your business have a reputation. Your reputation is part of your personal and professional brand. It is critical that you implement an effective reputation management program that not only handles negative reviews, but correctly cultivates positive reviews and word-of-mouth referrals.

In today’s multimedia marketplace, your brand is not up to you.

Why Is Reputation Management Important?

Your customers and prospects are determining your brand. Word of mouth remains the most powerful source of new business, but it no longer requires face-to-face communication. “Word of mouth” is now shared on social media, blogs, and review websites. Consumers are looking to online reviews before choosing a business. Reviews are spread across many sites and it can be difficult to track what is being said. An effective reputation management program can help you identify, request, reply, and even promote or push down your reviews across the web.

Reputation Management Best Practices & Features

Once you decide to implement a reputation management program, we work to ensure it includes the following elements:

  • Earning positive reviews from your customers
  • Respond to all reviews – positive and negative
  • Ensure the accuracy of your listing and photo(s) on all business directory sites
  • Automated review search and notification (preferably email or SMS/app)
  • Monitor of rating/star scores
  • Monitor reviews and rating/score of competition
  • Monitor average ratings of your particular industry
  • Promote positive reviews on your website and social media

“How Can I Remove Negative Reviews?”

Bluntly: you can’t.
This is the most common question regarding reputation management. You’re not alone. Keep in mind that the cloud of negative reviews has a couple silver linings:

1) Genuine – Customers are more likely to believe positive reviews if they can see a few bad ones. It proves the process is genuine and unbiased.

2) Training – You want to build customer loyalty. Your and your staff can develop better policies and practices in any facet of your business if you see customers are responding negatively.

With a proper reputation management program, you can generate a flood of positive reviews and show the world that most of your customers are satisfied and wanting to return. This, in turn, generates more leads, and more opportunities to capture new business, and more positive reviews. Your negative reviews become the exception, not the rule.

How Arkside Can Help Your Reputation Management

First, use our free tool to check your current online directory listings. Does your business appear on top listing sites? Our team will do a benchmark analysis of your current reputation, identify areas of strength and opportunity, as well as show you where integration can be achieved for better results. We also train your staff on proven methods for earning great online reviews. With our plan in place, you should begin to see rating increases in as little as 30-60 days!

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