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Print mediaPrint media is a varied landscape of advertising opportunities. This category includes newspapers, magazines, direct mail, flyers, door hangers, and catalogs. These media offer the ability to present your brand, product, or message to an audience in a way unlike any other venue.

Print Is Not A Dying Media

It is not a secret that many heritage publications have shifted to the online world. Most recently, the Wall Street Journal has announced they are killing their international print editions. But these are shifts, not deaths.

Print is changing and finding new ways to achieve efficiency every day. Heritage newspaper companies are adopting everything in the digital arena from social media to search engine marketing as new ways to attract advertising clients. But the medium of print is still alive and able to provide useful elements to the right media mix. Like a piece of art, newspapers or magazines can bring forth powerful emotion and brand longevity with a single image. Furthermore, print isn’t just for people 55 and over. Newspapers remain one of the most trusted sources of news and opinions. Magazines continue to thrive in a new advertising world by offering interactive ads, better content, and higher quality publications. Direct mail is still deliverable to every home in America now matter how young or old the inhabitants may be.

Consumers are more engaged reading print than websites, which are often skimmed in as little as 15 seconds. A study showed that people read digital screen text 20% – 30% slower than printed paper, and read less of it (Alshaali & Varshney, 2005).

How Can Print Enhance Other Marketing?

Unaided brand recall with media combination
Americans who read or scan direct mail
Directly influenced to make a purchase
According to a 2004 RAEL study on the effects of combining radio and newspaper advertising, brand recall skyrocketed to 70% when radio and newspaper were combined over newspaper by itself. Most importantly, print media is extremely effective at targeting those with disposable income. Someone paying $30 per month for a newspaper subscription or $5-$10 for a magazine is someone that has money to buy your product. They may have seen your ad on television or a display ad on their favorite website, but those weren’t enough to stimulate an action. Having your coupons in their mailbox or a postcard about an upcoming event can push them over the edge and into your showroom. A newspaper or magazine ad extends a perception of quality and credibility. People view them as reliable and more mature.

Choose the Print Media Right For You

Your company may benefit from newspapers, magazines, direct mail, or catalogs. But it probably won’t benefit from newspapers, magazines, direct mail, and catalogs. It is important to understand your audience and how best to reach them during the most important parts of their buying cycles. For example, if you’re Taco Bell and your target customer is a 21 year old male, newspapers would not be an appropriate media for you. But Red Bull Magazine or FHM could be ideal. An investment in market research and analysis will be critical in keeping your advertising budget efficient.

How We Can Help your Print Media Marketing

Your Arkside Marketing Consultant will take the time to learn about your customers as well as your product to find the most appropriate print advertising media for you. They will then work with you and our graphic designers to create a visually stunning ad that will grab readers’ attention and give your brand proper representation, in concert with other media you are utilizing.

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