Radio and Television Advertising

Radio and television advertising microphoneRadio and television advertising are two of the most effective lead generation tools available. This has been true for decades and shows no signs of stopping. They reign supreme for direct response advertising. Both radio and TV continually develop new ways to reach their audience:

  • Virtual reality elements on TV
  • Radio shows on-air combining with elements on the station’s website
  • Hashtags appear in the bottom corner of most major TV shows

When these two lead generation advertising are combined, the results can be even better. Multiple studies have shown that combining radio and television can help advertisers reach audiences not achievable with only one medium. Customers who were exposed to ads on both TV and radio had a 35% higher ad recall than those who only saw it on TV.

Radio and Television Advertising Services

Our team of media buyers, copywriters, voice over talents, producers, and actors have worked on all sides of the media industry. This team brings decades of experience to your marketing initiatives. Much of our sales and media staff has extensive backgrounds in buying and selling radio and television media. We are fully prepared to negotiate the best rates and help you select the most effective stations to meet your marketing goals. Our creative work is done by seasoned copywriters and producers to create the right sights and sounds for your commercials. Successful radio advertising and television advertising campaigns require professional experience and creativity.

Direct Response Monitoring

As we develop your new television and radio marketing, our professionals will simultaneously begin implementing tracking tools. You may be familiar with common tools such as unique phone numbers, unique URLs, and special coupon codes. There are MANY more that we can bring to bear on your campaign and customize for your unique needs. These capabilities enable us to track phone calls, website traffic, social media engagement, email, and every other response type. Arkside Rule #1: Marketing should always be treated as an investment. Only by tracking your results can you measure your success.

ROI Calculation

You deserve a positive return on investment (ROI) from your radio and television advertising. While marketing and sales should be separated teams, their work should be integrated. To determine the value of your return, we will do an ROI calculation based on metrics relevant to your company, industry, and location. We will work with your marketing and sales management to ensure:

  • Optimized marketing message based on customer and sales feedback
  • New and/or increased revenue streams
  • Faster awareness-to-acquisition conversion
  • Lower cost-per-lead and cost-per-acquisition

With experienced media buying, top-quality creative work, and accurate result measurement, Arkside can propel your company through strong growth with powerful lead generation. Contact our office today for a free consultation or audit of your existing campaign.