Search Engine Optimization in Riverside, CAIt is hard to overstate the value of effective search engine optimization (SEO). To reach the first page of Google’s search results can mean a huge jump in website traffic and sales. Google is one of those unique company names that has become the pillar of its industry. Like Kleenex or Xerox, when you think of online search, it is one name that comes to mind. A good SEO service provider understands Google, but understands your business and how to accurately project your brand to the world.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization is the use of various strategies to improve a website’s visitor count, the visitor onsite experience, and the site’s educational value to a wider audience. Each of those is a factor in how search engines rank your website. SEO is one of the most important and complex elements of digital marketing. At Arkside Marketing, we spend a considerable amount of time monitoring the SEO industry, the search engines themselves, and formulating effective strategies that produce positive results.

To be transparent, there is more than one way to achieve success. Every consultant and marketing agency has their own way of doing it. But generally speaking, all of the approaches are separated into two categories: “white hat SEO” and “black hat SEO”. They are thus named because the search engines have shared goals and rules/guidelines for how to achieve them:

  • Deliver a positive experience to your visitors
    • Share useful content
    • Keep your site regularly updated
    • Include relevant images and/or videos with your text content
  • Don’t manipulate code, content, or website structure to fool or mislead crawling bots
  • Don’t participate in link schemes

If your SEO strategies are intended to work within these guidelines, they would be “white hat”. If your strategies do not comply with these guidelines, they would be “black hat”.

Far from the duality of a Mad Magazine comic, the decision to use white hat or black hat strategies is always up to you, the client. Arkside staff will never recommend a black hat strategy. The risks are significant. Penalties may include reducing your site’s search ranking or having your site removed from Google results completely. If it can happen to BMW, it can happen to you!

How to Do SEO Correctly

Our first step in working with you is to learn about you, your business, your customers, your market(s), and your products & services. Our goal is to ensure that every step we take with you properly puts your brand on display to the right people with the right message at the right time.  Only after we understand you and your customers can we do an evaluation of your website. Your website will be evaluated based on the brand personality and KPI metrics established in our initial meeting. Once that is done, we will develop a custom strategy to achieve those goals. We do not use pre-built strategies for any client. Ever.

Our search engine optimization services include:

  • Website development
  • Google Analytics, AdWords, and Webmaster Tools integration
  • Custom graphic design
  • Blogging
  • Page copy writing
  • Code optimization
  • Tagging
  • Local, national, and global Search Engine Result Page (SERP) monitoring
  • Social media management
  • Directory listing monitoring
  • Reputation management
  • Influencer partnerships
  • Keyword analysis
  • Competition analysis
  • Result analysis
  • ROI calculation
  • Staff training


The Speed of SEO

Search engine optimization is a long-term commitment when done properly. You will find thousands of companies around the world that will promise to get you on page one of Google in 30 days. You will also find guarantees sounding something like, “you don’t pay if you don’t rank”. These are usually black hat operations with an illicit blog network, fake link building, and spam traffic bots. It can take six months or more to properly and effectively improve your site’s ranking on Google, Bing, or Yahoo!.

Prepare to work with experts who will educate and guide you through effective SEO. By generating the right content on the right schedule and sharing it in the right media, you will experience a strongly positive ROI on your marketing investment.

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