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The Darkness of Our 2019 Card

As we look back on the year 2019, the Arkside team came to realize how it was truly bizarre. Each year we gather in our conference room and review all the major happenings in marketing and pop culture. It is a time to reflect on tide-changing moments. Those memories serve as fuel for our annual end-of-the-year card. We select a theme for the card and then begin discussing design ideas. For the first time in six years we faced a lack of inspiration.

2019 was difficult to summarize. The marketing industry saw no important shifts. We did not have any major moments that genuinely shaped or redefined culture. Brexit was stalled, we were blessed with a lack of devastating natural disasters, no major elections, and a relative lack of large scandals in marketing.

Further complicating our discussion was a rule I instituted for 2019: no politics. The conversations of our nation and world have been defined in recent years by the acrimony, conflict, and chaos of politics. Massive upheaval and drastic turns have turned neighbor against neighbor. Despite the tremendously positive responses we have received in the past to our neutral inclusion of politics such as our “Clinton/Trump mashup” in 2016, or controversial topics such as Colin Kaepernick in 2018, it was important that we go beyond those targets.

Once we turned our attention to media, we started to find some hope. We began with a list of major movie and television productions. Avengers: Endgame broke the box office revenue record (currently $2.8 billion) this summer and did it in record time. More recently, the audience-acclaimed Joker became the highest-grossing R-rated movie in history and also did so in record time. This was due largely to the incredible performance of Joaquin Phoenix. Audiences had a chance to revisit Stephen King’s creepy version of Maine for IT Chapter 2 and see the end of Pennywise 30 years after first venturing to Derry. And of course, there was the much anticipated but massively derided finale to Game of Thrones. It became the most watched single program in HBO history with 19.3 million viewers.

Common Themes in 2019 Media

But what did these major moments have in common?

Two things. The first was that none of them were firsts. There are now 23 Marvel Cinematic Universe feature films. There have been at least a dozen Batman feature films with many including Joker. Pennywise was making his third feature film appearance. And Game of Thrones was wrapping up after eight seasons and seven books. Lest we forget the many other reboots and remakes this year.

The second commonality was evil. All of these successes focused on evil characters. Thanos is a genocidal narcissist in Avengers, the Joker is a homicidal genius, Pennywise is a deranged alien, and Daenerys is a murderous ruler. Does this speak to a cultural dark turn in today’s society? We’ll let you decide if the collective billions of dollars spent on these stories says so.

A Light in the 2019 Tunnel

In all, it took us three separate meetings to find this thread woven through the year. But not all hope was lost as we wrapped up our 2019 year in review. Many of us felt like something was missing. And then it hit us like an anvil in a cartoon.

The Popeye’s chicken sandwich. Many Americans expected that Chick-fil-A had the best chicken sandwich. Why should anyone try to dethrone the king? It turns out that people were willing to consider options and when they got a hold of the Popeye’s chicken sandwich creation, they were thrilled! There may have been media-hyped incidents of insanity but it could not be denied that America had embraced a chicken sandwich alternative. And this one could be found on Sundays.

It was simply a good product that met the unmet needs of an audience. It was promoted through effective channels. These are all the things we love as marketers.

Back at 2019 and Forward to 2020

The year 2019 taught us that while audiences may deride the lack of new stories from Hollywood, they are more than willing to ignore their criticism in the face of a good story. They still love the theater experience, especially as more theaters add better food, comfortable leather seats, and even seat-side service. Even things we didn’t need -like a new chicken sandwich- are warmly welcomed.

Each of our cards is a look back on the year. It isn’t about the holidays or winter season, but the year we experienced with you and the lessons we hope to take into the next one. Marketing shapes all of our lives as we experience products, services, and messages daily.

So we take these lessons into 2020. We hope to work with you to provide a better experience, better service, and tackling any preconceived bias about things already done. The people have asked for good stories and good experiences. Let’s provide them together and grow your business.

Looking forward,
Nathan Greenberg, CEO