#WisdomWednesday – Aug. 19, 2014

This is the first of our new weekly #WisdomWednesday feature. We will share an important tip, strategy, or other sage-like wisdom each week. It is always our goal to give you actionable marketing or advertising advice that can help improve your business. If you would like to suggest content for this feature, feel free to email us at www.arksidemarketing.com/contact-us

For this week, we want to draw attention to the need for refocusing priorities. It can be easy to get lost in the minutiae of developing or redesigning a business logo. The right font, the right colors, the right alignment, the right whatever. All important. But they pale in comparison to the importance of staying focused on your customer. The right logo won’t mean anything if your customers leave due to a lack of attention.

Pick a font, pick a color, pick an alignment, pick something…then get back to work.


Welcome to the Blog


I am proud to welcome you to the new Arkside Marketing blog, one of the new features on our website. Here you will regularly find news about marketing and advertising as well as promotion of our clients and new opportunities for those of you who haven’t come aboard the Arkside team just yet.

Please bookmark the URL and check back often. You’ll discover the latest trends in Facebook advertising, success stories from recent broadcast media campaigns, or interviews with staff that can share insight that will be valuable to your company’s success. The possibilities of a blog are endless…as many of our clients already know.

Thanks for visiting (whether it be once or a hundred times) and we look forward to giving you another helpful tool as part of your Arkside experience.

Nathan Greenberg